Requently Asked Questions

01. Q: What is the cost to become a member with your program?
The activation is only a one-time out of pocket of $15 based on TRON coins.
02. What is TronSider?
TronSider is an Advertising Platform and Educational Affiliate Program serving also as a Network Wallet for all our members.
03.What do I get by joining TronSider?
We give you an ad package to help you promote any business or product — including banner & text ads, Up to 3 Referral Programs in Downline Builder, Post up to 3 different programs on our Ad Board — giving your business more exposure to all of our members.
04. What payment methods do you accept?
We have chosen to use Tron as a cryptocurrency base (But you can pay also with LTC, DOGE or BTC) because of the reasonable cost and very low fees that allow anyone to spend low amounts without being harassed by the fee costs.
05. Do you have any earning requirements?
We do not have any Matrix earnings requirement. However, we do have a withdrawal requirement of 2 personal referrals. We strongly believe that if everyone else is contributing to help you earn an income, you should also do your part whether is paying it forward for someone or creating a second position to be able to withdraw your earned commissions.

This requirement helps to continue the growth and success of the program.
06. Can I have more than one account?
No, you can only have one TronSider account. If you want to create a separate account, you must use a different email account.
06. When do I get paid?
Commissions are issue DAILY during business hours.
07. Do you offer refunds?
No, we pay commissions daily so there are no refunds for any reason.
08. Do you offer a 'Pay It Forward' (PIF) feature?
Yes, we offer a PIF feature. You will be able to Pay It Forward for any personal referral who may need a helping hand. It will allowed you to PIF using any of our merchants or your own account balance.